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Prof Dr Raymond Azman Ali
I think the very fact that you have chosen medicine is already a great challenge and sacrifice, which automatically requires a balance between the materialistic and spiritual worlds. It is one of those professions that gives a Muslim great satisfaction, without expecting too much worldly rewards. Most, if not all medical schools in Malaysia are beginning to inject "spiritualism" into their curricula no matter what religion you belong to. You cannot run away from it because medicine involves humans more so than any other profession.

Study tips:

1) don't study alone,

2) Learn medicine through seeing patients,
and not just by reading the recommended textbooks, i.e. see which conditions are common in your hospital, and learn "around" these conditions. For instance, if diabetes is a common condition, read 2, 3 or more books on diabetes, but if you've never encountered leishmaniasis, don't bother reading beyond one chapter once only,

3) Ask yourself what you remember of a disease before reading about it in a book; by doing this you only need to highlight/stress the areas you don't know; otherwise your textbooks will be
filled with yellow highights, like most of my medical students.

4) Create, what I call "folders" in your brain for common problems, so that you can retrieve them easily when confronted by (in particular) a "fierce-looking" examiner; there should be a folder each for "causes of raised ESR", "emergency treatment of myocardial infarct", "causes of pleural effusion", "approach to a patient with Cushing's syndrome", etc. Well, how do you create a "folder"?- see a patient with it, read up on it, and tell or teach others about it repeatedly.

Therefore: 5) I recommend follow my motto
"teaching educates the teacher"...i.e. there is no better way to learn than by teaching others...and by doing that you also get you pahala by giving knowledge to your peers and friends. I wonder if Prof Muhaya would like to contribute to study techniques in medicine.

How do you proceed after graduation? Well, how long do you have to go? If lama lagi, "we'll cross the river when we come to it", if soon, email me again as soon as you have graduated. There are lots of opportunities and pathways you can follow after graduation. It depends on what you would like to end up doing. People often don't decide until well beyond housemanship, and they often "want to be like their supervisor (if he or she has created a good impression)" when they are house officers. It is now customary to pursue a Master of Medicine degree at one of the local universities, but this is not mandatory. If you need further information, I will be happy to give you the details of our postgraduate programmes at UKM.


Prof Dr Raymond Azman Ali this tips to late to be shared.. hope not..good luck frens
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